Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift collaborates in a new music video and it's a sequel

music news 11/02/2022

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift's new music video for The Joker and The Queen is out now and it's a continuation of the singers' previous collaboration Everything Has Changed from nine years ago. This might make you feel old but it's the same cast from the previous music video. 

The music video shows the parallel lives of the now grown-up high schoolers Jake and Ava and their reunion. 

Still Image from Everything Has Changed
Still image from The Joker and The Queen

We did hope Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift would come at the end of the music video just like in 'Everything Has Changed but maybe in the next sequel?

Nonetheless, It's a treat to watch! 

Watch the music video above.

And you can watch the prequel Everything Has Changed here.