U2's Bono reveals that he is still not a big fan of the band's name

music news 19/01/2022

In a recent interview with People, the lead singer Bono revealed that they are not exactly fond of their band's name U2, even after 40 years. 

U2's guitarist The Edge explained that they were 'unhappy' with their first band name The Hype because of unoriginality. So they asked their former classmate for help, to which one of the suggestions was U2. 

"And of the suggestions, it wasn't that it jumped out to us as the name we were really looking for, but it was the one that we hated the least. And what we loved about it was that it was not obvious from the name what this band would sound like or be about", he recalled. 

When The Edge mentioned the group not being fond of the group's name initially, Bono added that his feelings have not changed over time. 

"I still don't," he said. "I mean, I really don't. But I was late into some kind of dyslexia, I didn't realize that the Beatles was a bad pun either. We'd thought the implications of the letter and the number, in our head, it was like, the spy plane, it was a U-boat, it was futuristic. But then as it turned out to imply this kind of acquiescence, no, I don't like that name. I still don't really like the name".