Swapping the burger bun with crumpets sparks debate on the internet

Food 20/01/2022

Is 'crumpet burger' the new Hawaiian pizza?

Golden Crumpets NZ shared a post on their Facebook page of a 'crumpet burger'. The burger had all the usual patty, lettuce, tomato but it was sandwiched between two crumpets slathered in tomato sauce. The photo was shared along with a caption, 'Who said burgers need to use a bun?🍔 Would you give this a go?👀'

It immediately split into people who were keen to try and people who would never. Many comments strongly said no and explained the correct way of serving it. 

"No way! Crumpets must be served dripping in butter and topped with marmalade!" was one of the comments.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT. A crumpet is glorious with melted butter and jam if need be but I have noticed that the butter doesn't melt through like they use too. I loved putting my butter and maybe toppings and soaking the last 2 bites in the juice on the plate."

"Nah Ima stick 2 my bulk butter & golden syrup thanks "

"Nah, that's just wrong"

While on the other hand, there were some keen comments who were ready to welcome the 'crumpet burger' with open arms.  

"Oh yes! In a heart beat! "

"A poached egg on a crumpets is delicious"

"Got some on the shopping got my patties can't wait"