New Zealand gets our first ever Sushi Drive-thru

New Zealand 12/01/2022

St Pierre's has been a go to lunch place for many, and with drive-thru it gets even better! The drive-thru is now open in Onehunga, Auckland. 

This is Aotearoa's first ever Sushi Drive-thru but definitely not the last.

Nick Katsouli, director of St Pierre's says that they have thoroughly checked and tested the speed and efficiency of the drive-thru. He is very satisfied with how fast it is.

Just 50 seconds. That’s all it takes for a customer to arrive, order, pay and drive away with their sushi of the day.

"The individualised orders that we do, including drinks, took our staff only three minutes."

Next time you're looking for a quick feed, a drive-thru to grab some sushi could be the place to go!