Heartwarming moment mum sees her daughter after 15 years of blindness

Must See 19/01/2022

An emotional moment was captured of a mother seeing her daughter for the first time after being blind for 15 years. 

Connie Park (59) lost her eyesight completely in 2003. In 2004, Connie relocated to Colorado and enrolled in a blind school as she didn't want the loss of vision to hinder her life. In the blind school, she learned how to use a cane, read Braille, and walk and ride buses. 

"I wasn't really sure how to use a cane and I would keep walking into bushes", she said.

I had to have somebody with me when I cooked to make sure the food looked okay. I couldn't vacuum and had to sweep in a pattern.

In 2018, Connie was referred to the UCHealth Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Eye Center in Aurora, where an ophthalmologist told her she was suffering from very dense cataracts, and that surgery was possible.

After the surgery was done on both her eyes, the eyesight was restored back to 20/20 sharpness. 

The 59-year-old currently works as a unit clerk in the same hospital which helped her regain her vision. She enjoys being a grandmother to eight grandchildren, seven of whom she had never seen before the surgery and one who she had not seen since the grandchild was an infant. 

Getting familiar with how older she looked was a little difficult for her, but she is very happy to see her husband again. "He's still the most handsome man ever and I'm still in love with him," she said.  

The couple has plans to revisit all the places they visited when Connie was blind.

Watch the video above.