Kelly Clarkson's beautiful rendition of 'Another Day in Paradise' by Phil Collins

music news 13/01/2022

Kelly Clarkson never fails to wow us with her performance!

The singer and TV host recently covered Phil Collins' Another Day in Paradise in her Kellyoke segment from 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'. Her powerful performance to this classic song was refreshing to watch. 

Kelly Clarkson recently went live on Instagram answering some questions from fans. One of the questions that was asked was if she would ever consider re-recording her older hits. Kelly responded that she would be keen to do it since her voice has become stronger than how it was when she started at 19. 

"I feel like my range is bigger, and it is just a diferent voice. So I think it would be interesting to re-record songs some of the songs that I love or even with the hits that I actually can't listen to".

Her cover renditions are amazing, so we could only wonder how she would re-record her older hits.

Watch Kelly Clarkson's latest cover above, or watch her Instagram Live fan Q&A below: