Owner surprisingly recognizes her missing cat after hearing her meow over the phone

Must See 19/01/2022

Rachel Lawrence from England heard her missing cat Barnaby's meow over the phone while consulting about her other cat, Torvi. Barnaby had been missing for eight months. 

On January 11th, Rachel heard a meow in the background during a phone call with her local vet regarding Torvi who just had an operation. She could not help but ask the vet if the meow was from Torvi. The vet replied that it was from a stray cat who was brought to the place by a Good Samaritan. 

Rachel could not stop thinking about the meow, and could only wonder if it was her missing cat, Barnaby. So she ended up calling them back.

"There was just something about the meow, so after three hours of it being in my head, I rang back up" Lawerence told SWNS.

She asked the vet if the meowing cat had black fur with a 'distinctive white blotch' on his back foot, just like Barnaby, and he told her that the description matched. 

"It was just utter belief from them and me. When I went to pick up Torvi, I asked to see this stray cat and brought photos of Barnaby with me." 

Rachel confirmed that the stray cat that the vet mentioned was in fact her cat Barnaby, and had a happy reunion. 

I couldn't believe what was happening. I just cried when I saw him, full-on. I just couldn't believe it

The cat is now back with his loving family, getting all the love and attention that he missed in the eight months. And of course, gaining back the weight he lost while being out on the street.