Meet Kye, the donkey who thinks he is a dog!

Must See 20/01/2022

We've seen cats behaving like dogs. But it's not every day that you see a donkey behave like a dog.

A donkey named Kye thinks that he is a dog after being raised among dogs. 

John Nuttall and his partner Gražina Pervenis from England, decided to take Kye, the donkey to their home after witnessing his mother rejecting him. 

Gražina fitted a 'doggie diaper" to the foal. 

"I went to the pet shop and bought the big dog nappies because you don’t want donkey baby poo all over the house,” John, 64, told SWNS News.

In the first few days, Gražina fed Kye, the donkey with his own mother's milk via a tube to ensure he received all the correct nutrients. 

“She kept him on that for two-to-three weeks. She was feeding him every hour at that time – she was like a zombie.”

Then, Kye started playing with their dogs and currently comes running with the dogs whenever John whistles. 

“He even started playing with a ball and everything, and now, I can go for a walk down the road, and he’ll follow me like a dog.”

“If I get in my van to go out, he’ll see it going and chase after the van. He’s certainly a character".

Kye moved back to the paddock with the other donkeys and is getting stronger each day.

“He’s grown up. He’s got all his teeth, and he’s eating well."