Adele has released her masterpiece music video for 'Oh My God'

music news 13/01/2022

Hello it's Adele with a new music video 'Oh My God’ ! And it looks really good. She looks absolutely stunning. Oh My God is the 5th song from her album 30.

Adele sings about her own conflicting feelings on enjoying a new chapter of her life after just coming out of a difficult time. The double Adele on screen shows how a part of her wants to enjoy but the other stops her. 

After the long awaited comeback last year, Adele has many exciting things instore for 2022. 

With the new release of the music video, and the Weekends with Adele coming up, it is indeed a great year for the fans. And perhaps a World Tour announcement soon?

Weekends with Adele is the first residency show by Adele in support of her fourth studio album, 30. The residency is in Las Vegas and is from January 21 until April 26, with Adele performing two shows each weekend. This will be the first opportunity for fans to see Adele perform live since her 'Adele Live 2016'. 

Checkout the new music video 'Oh My God' from Adele