Adele Facetimes Fans and leaves a special handwritten message on the mirror

music news 25/01/2022

Adele's relationship with her fans is really special. 

Adele recently announced on Instagram that the Las Vegas concert residency was postponed only one day before it started. It was because half of her crew is down with Covid and the show is not ready. Both Adele and the fans who were anticipating this were all gutted and heartbroken.

There were many fans who flew to Las Vegas for the show. Despite the show not going ahead, ‘Weekend with Adele’ was open and there was a sweet message from Adele written on the mirror.

She wrote, "I'm so upset to not be with you tonight. But I know some of you are here already so please hang out, look at the outfits, take pics of anything"

"And any of you in here who were due to come to the shows this weekend can have a gift on me! I'm so sorry again."

Later the singer Facetimed with fans who were there in the merch store.  There are many videos circulating on TikTok and Instagram of fans talking to the singer. 

In a video, Adele is wiping her tears, as her supportive fans chant ‘it’s okay’ continuously. The fans and Adele even sang songs together on the call including ‘Someone Like You’

Adele thanked the fans for understanding her and apologized for the postponement wishing that she could be with all of her fans. 

On Instagram, user Dominic Crisonino posted a video of a FaceTime with Adele where the fans reassured the singer that they are not upset and that the show will be great when it happens.

“Do what you've got to do and we know when the time comes it's going to be exceptional and we'll be here cheering you on”

“We love you so much”

It was really sweet of Adele for taking the time out to talk to her fans.