A study has found the reason why cats love sitting in boxes

Must See 24/01/2022

Be it boxes, drawers, or even bowls, the chances of a cat attempting to squeeze into them is very high.

But would they still try to sit on it, if it's just a picture of a box drawn on the floor? Well, a researcher has proved that due to a cat's unquenchable desire to sit in boxes, they get easily fooled by optical illusions. So yes, they will!

In his research project, he used the 'Kanizsa contour Illusion'  where the visual system perceives a shape even though it is not actually there; an empty space.

There were six Kanizsa images that were randomly assigned to 30 cat owners. The images were placed on the floor to see their cats' interactions. The owners wore sunglasses to avoid any influence on their cats' behaviour.

The Kanizsa image was of a square defined by four 'Pacman' shapes which were placed in the corners.

Just this was enough to bring seven cats consistently to this square, while eight cats chose to sit in the Kanizsa square with the 'Pacman' mouths pointing outwards. Just two chose to sit in a distorted square.

"It’s safe to say they’re box-seeking missiles, and it’s no wonder they’re so attracted to them."

Don't they strongly follow the phrase, 'If I fits, I sits"?