A hilarious collection of a dad who photoshopped his son doing 'manly things'

Must See 21/01/2022

Here's a collection of photos that will guarantee to make your day. The story behind it makes it even more special. 

Matt Mac's son Ryan was born 9 weeks premature. He and his wife would joke around that their baby boy was actually 'advanced' and not premature. So this sparked an idea for #ryandoesmanlythings, a series of photos where he photoshopped his son doing manly things. 

The dad uploads behind the scenes and details of how they did the shoot on his social media. This assures people that Ryan was never in danger during the shots. He said, "he was always being held and was never in any harm". After taking the photo, he removes himself and edits it with his photoshop skills. 

Matt's message to other parents who have premature babies is 'be patient, be positive and seek support'.

Check out some of our favourite photos from #Ryandoesmanlythings series:

Ryan fixes his mum's car

Ryan catches his first fish

Ryan chops wood

Ryan's usual shaving sessions

Ryan does his own taxes