Viral 'Wordle' word-guessing game gets its own te reo Māori version

NZ 21/01/2022

It's the five-letter free-to-play viral word game taking the world by storm, with its own version in Aotearoa! 

'Wordle', created by a man by the name of Josh Wardle, involves a brainteaser-style word game where every player only has one attempt to guess the word of the day within six guesses. The more letters you get in the correct places, the more green boxes you see.

Three examples that show the correct answers, close answers and wrong answers in Wordle
Examples of how Wordle works

The addictive game has captured the attention of Twitter users, and when computer programmer Wayne McDougall spotted a fellow Kiwi suggesting a te reo version, he decided to recreate the game and call it 'Panga' (meaning riddle or puzzle).

"It's very helpful because it brings up an online keyboard which already shows you which letters have been used and found. So it's very simple to play and a lot of fun," he told RNZ.

"At the moment I have taken the list of the 1000 most common kupu and chosen the five-letter words from those, and I plan to expand on that now that I see there's actually some interest and people are keen to see it grow."
"If you want to play Panga, then now is the time to get in before it starts to get a little bit more tricky."

So if you have two minutes to waste and 'Wordle' isn't challenging you, you can try Panga yourself for free. But remember - you only get one game a day!