Ed Sheeran reveals his unique Christmas tradition


Ed Sheeran goes on a pub crawl every Christmas.

The 30-year-old pop star has a festive tradition that he calls The 12 Pubs of Christmas - a name inspired by the classic song 'The 12 Days of Christmas' - which involves Ed and his friends enjoying a pint of beer in 12 different pubs.

He said at the iHeartRadio Holiday Pop Up Party: "We get our van and we go to one pub and then the next pub in a van. We have one pint and it gets worse and worse and worse. And you go, 'On the twelfth pub of Christmas…' We're slowing down, though. I mean, 12 pints is a lot."

Ed and his friends have enjoyed the tradition for the last decade.

However, his 16-month-old daughter Lyra won't be following him to the pub anytime soon.

The 'Castle on the Hill' hitmaker quipped: "I'm not gonna feed her beer yet. I know we're European, but it doesn't start that young."

Earlier this month, Ed admitted his daughter has helped him to find his "purpose" outside of music.

The pop star - who married Cherry Seaborn in 2019 - said: "I just found that I really didn't have purpose outside of [music] because when I was giving myself fixed time of no work, I wasn't doing anything I enjoyed because I love doing music. And [being a dad] has actually given me purpose and something in life that's actually more important than my job."

Ed is one of the world's best-selling artists, but he's described fatherhood as the "best thing that’s ever happened [to him]".

He added: "I think there’s so many different sides and shapes to it. There’s difficult days, there’s amazing, easy days. It’s just a rollercoaster of emotions. I know that sounds like a cliche thing to say but it’s amazing. I love it."

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