Barry Gibb reveals why the Bee Gees never recorded a Christmas song

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It's almost a rarity these days for artists not to release a Christmas song in their career, even ABBA decided to release one this year as they release their final album, so the final surviving member of the Bee Gees has revealed why they never recorded one themselves.

Speaking to BBC News, Barry explained that the Bee Gees “always avoided” making Christmas music because of it feeling outdated and like a marketing tactic.

“We've always avoided it. I think it was appropriate maybe 50 years ago,” Barry explained.

"These days I think it's too much of a marketing trick.”

Having said this, Barry also noted that his late brother Robin Gibb had a Christmas record. It was Robin’s final studio album and it was titled My Favourite Christmas Carols. Barry added that he had no involvement with the album.

Fair enough!