Woman shares hack to make sure her husband is cleaning the house

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A mum, wife, and partner has shared her hack to make sure her husband cleans the house when asked and it's kind of genius!

The woman posted her video to TikTok to share a little hack she’s been using to make sure her husband is pulling his weight. It’s fairly simple, she just places a bit of glitter underneath various objects and if it’s still there the next time he looks, he’ll be caught out.

The video received 1.7 million likes and over 5 thousand comments with many praising the good idea, However, others aren’t convinced.

“Maybe just appreciate that he’s cleaning. So what if he doesn’t move stuff? You don’t have to do that every single time”.

But some have defended the person, with one comment saying;

“Ppl do realise those are places you wipe down? You’re meant to move them and wipe it. Like I’m a man and I understand that.”

Will you be using this hack on your partner?