Woman's creative Christmas countdown for her kids goes viral


One Australian mum has shown off her creative flair on Facebook and subsequently gone viral for it!

The brilliant idea is for a non-chocolate Christmas countdown and involves the Kmart Santa Eye Mask, some craft paper and a vivid (+ any cute Christmas stickers you may want to add).

Michelle McLean-Scott // Kmart Mums Australia

The idea is that Santa's beard grows as you get closer and closer to Christmas. 

Written in felt tip next to Santa, the woman has written, "Santa's beard is very bare, on his chin he has no hair! So each day add a puff of white, when it's full he will come that night!"

The idea is a super fun way to entertain any young ones in your family, and encourage them to get crafty!

Hundreds of people flocked to the comment section of the post to tag their friends in the idea and say that they were going to recreate it themselves!