Flashback: Adele pranks group of Adele impersonators at audition

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Adele is known for her amazing vocals and songwriting but, fans also know adele for her hilarious wittiness and sense of humor. So, who could forget the time that Graham Norton and Adele teamed up for the ultimate prank!

Adele disguised herself and held auditons for an Adele impersonator. 

Watch the moment below:

The video went viral in 2015 with 77 million views. It also recieved many comments from fans with one saying "I’ve watched this video probably twelve or thirteen times over the last few years and it always makes me happy."

Another commented "Top marks to Adele. So down to earth and such a breath of fresh air."

We will have to wait and see if anymore pranks will occure with the release of the new album...