Study reveals most stressful things about Christmas are big food shop + wrapping presents


The big pre-Christmas food shop, wrapping and sorting presents and losing gift reciepts have all topped the list for the most stressful things about Christmas.

Over 2,000 people were asked to contribute to a festive study about what they found trickiest during the holiday season and despite the stress that often builds around Christmas, 66% said that the stress was always worth it in the end.

44% said that despite the stress involved, Christmas Day is the happiest day of the year.

The most stressful things at Christmas time:

  1. Buying presents
  2. The amount of money that is spent overall
  3. Pleasing everyone
  4. Doing the big food shop
  5. Having enough money to last you through December
  6. Wrapping presents
  7. Putting on weight
  8. Running out of time to do everything
  9. Cooking the dinner in general
  10. Saving enough money throughout the year to afford it all
  11. Getting the timings for the Christmas dinner right
  12. Visiting family
  13. Hosting Christmas Day
  14. Juggling Christmas preparations with work
  15. Shops running out of food and drink
  16. Untangling the Christmas lights
  17. Putting up decorations
  18. Where to have Christmas dinner
  19. Keeping presents hidden from loved ones
  20. Making sure there is enough food for everyone
  21. Having to attend lots of social events
  22. Spending time with the in-laws
  23. The lack of exercise you do
  24. Remembering to send cards to loved ones
  25. Finding a place to hide presents