Adele shouts old teacher best tickets in the house to watch her perform in 2022

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The teacher that surprised Adele in the audience of her special intimate performance recently has been gifted tickets to Adele's Hyde Park show that she plans to do in 2022.

It's said the tickets are some of the best in the house and are worth about £500.

A source told The Sun: "Adele's reunion with Ms McDonald touched the hearts of everyone who watched, but no one more so than Adele herself."

"After the ITV Audience With her team got Ms McDonald's number so Adele could reach out again."

"She has now offered her diamond package tickets worth £500 each to her and her family for her BST Hyde Park gigs in London. Adele wants to make sure she and her family have the best time ever and wants nothing more than to treat Ms McDonald."

How special! Watch the moment Adele and her teacher reunited here.