New Diana film 'Spencer' slammed for some of its more controversial scenes


The highly-anticipated film based on the late Princess Diana has already tipped to be a shoe-in for a few Oscar nominations, but it seems that the way the film has portrayed some of the moments in the later years of Lady Di's life are very controversial - and upsetting fans of the Princess of Wales and other royal watchers.

In the film, Diana is said to be portrayed as an emotionally unstable who is battling bulimia and self-harming, while being trapped within a heartless archaic institution.

From envisioning throwing herself down the stairs to choking on a pearl necklace gifted to her by Charles, the Princess is rarely not seen in a state of distress during the nearly two-hour film.

In scenes sure to upset the Royal Family – especially Prince William and Prince Charles – the monarchy is seen stripped back to a cold firm set in its ways, unwilling to bend or compromise to any degree.

While Charles’ infidelity and lack of affection are repeatedly drawn on during the film, so is young Prince William’s heartbreak at watching his mother in pain.

One gut-wrenching scene sees William close to tears as his troubled mum locks herself in her bathroom.

Royal biographer and expert Penny Junor said: “It is unnecessarily gratuitous.

"Poor old William is all I can say. And let’s leave Diana with a shred of respect and dignity. I know William was there when she was unhappy, but it sounds to me the movie is factually incorrect."

The film is set over the three days of Christmas in 1991. With speculation about the state of Charles and Diana’s relationship rife, the royals bunker down at Sandringham – with a paranoid Charles even ordering Diana’s curtains to be sewn together against her wishes in a bid to stop her opening them and risk being pictured with a long lens.

In another cruel swipe at the Prince of Wales, on Christmas Day morning Diana joins the family for breakfast – asking her husband how she looks.

After simply replying “fine” he hisses: “There is one thing. The chickens laid the eggs. The fisherman caught the fish and the bees made the honey. They all made such an effort to bring you breakfast.

“Please do them the courtesy of not regurgitating it all into a lavatory bowl before the church bells even ring.”

The film is set to be released in January 2022.