Elton John's new album 'The Lockdown Sessions' arrives this week!

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Sir Elton John is about to give us an early Christmas present with a brand new album being released on Friday. The 16-track album features collaborations with some of Elton's favorite artists including Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks, and many more.

One of the most exciting collaborations of the album is with Stevie Wonder the last time these two collaborated was back in 

1985. However, Sir Elton John says this new song with Wonder is "one of the greatest songs" he's ever written. 

Stevie has also come out explaining his joy for this new song by saying: "It is both a joy and honor to sing, play piano and harmonica for Elton! He has truly been one of the great spirits of music, life, friendship, and love, who I've met on this life journey! True artistry and music like love equal a forever commitment lasting many lifetimes. And Elton, anyone who hears your voice singing "Finish Line", will hear and feel your wisdom, your pain, your soul, your love, but also your resilience..... I love it!! Congratulations to you and our forever and never, never-ending music, friendship, life song! Long live Sir Elton John!!! (big smiley face!) (sic)"

Below is the tracklist for the album featuring all the collaboration artists.