Adele chooses between Prince William & Prince Harry in British-themed 'This Or That'

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Turns out Adele is 100% #TeamHarry when it comes to deciding over whether she is more of a Prince William or Prince Harry fan.

Adele took part in Vogue's famous 73 Questions segment, and as part of the questions was asked to play a British-themed game of 'This or That'.

After choosing Blur over Oasis and Liam Gallagher over his brother Noel "without a doubt," she was asked to pick between royal brothers Prince Harry and Prince William.

"Prince..." Adele said, drawing out her answer, "Harry," then turning to give the camera a cheeky smile.

Her answer shouldn't come as a shock — back in 2011, the singer admitted to Glamour that she had a crush on the redheaded royal (years before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle).

Although Adele, 33, hasn't met Prince William or Prince Harry (at least, not in a public setting), she came face-to-face with their dad, Prince Charles, in 2013 when she accepted her MBE medal from him at Buckingham Palace. The honor, reserved for exemplary British subjects, was for her services to music.