The Chase's Mark 'The Beast' Labbett wants his own TV show

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After 12 years on The Chase, it looks like Mark Labbett wants to go solo... or at least have his own TV show on the side.

On his Twitter, The Beast joked about his longstanding role on The Chase and suggested the TV Network he's signed to give him his own show.

"Come on ITV, surely I am smart enough for my own show now? :)" he said.

His fans were quick to support the idea, with many even coming up with suggestions on what his show could be called, or be about.

"Coming soon to ITV - Beat the Beast, the show in which you challenge the beast in a quiz but you set the questions. Can your questions beat the beast? Or can the beast set you a question set that is out your reach?" said one fan.

We're sure we would watch a solo show by Mark! He's one of our favourite Chasers.