Revamp of iconic Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book released


There was a while there when the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book was bible in a lot of households across New Zealand. 

Almost every cake recipe in the book was exhausted by parents over the years as each kid selected a different one for their birthday cake.

Well now, on the 130th anniversary of lolly company Allen's, they have decided to revamp the recipes and breath new life into the iconic book.

At the moment the book is only available in Australia, but we're hoping it will make it's way across the ditch to us soon.

There’s 30 different cakes that you can bake, ranging from cult classic recipes to the latest party themes.

“Like Allen’s lollies, the AWW Cake Book has been a staple of many childhoods,” said Nestlé’s Head of Marketing, Joyce Tan.

“So we know this partnership between two iconic party-loving brands will spark the imaginations of Aussies to create new delicious and delightful cakes for any celebration, with a fun Allen’s twist.”

So if you want to get your hands on a copy, hopefully you know of an Aussie that you might be able to call in a favour…