Prince Harry hilariously impersonates The Queen in new royal documentary


The royals have all appeared in a stunning new documentary remembering the Duke of Edinburgh, and celebrating his life, his success and his cheeky personality.

In the doco, titled Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, Prince Harry joined in with his family sharing memories of his grandfather who died in April at the age of 99.

Prince Harry that while he missed Prince Philip's "sense of humor," he does "miss him more for my grandmother because I know how incredibly strong she was with him there. I also know she will be okay without him."

"The two of them together were just the most adorable couple," the Duke of Sussex continued. "To me, knowing the cheekiness of him and knowing that behind what the world sees you have two individuals who were very much in love and both, from a very young age, have dedicated their life to service — that is an incredible bond between two people."

Prince Harry also did an impressive of the Queen while reminiscing about Prince Philip's love of flying aircrafts.

"I can just imagine my grandmother sitting in the back of a plane having a cup of tea, going through turbulence and going, 'Oh, Philip! What are you doing?'"

The BBC documentary originally began as a way to celebrate the Duke of Edinburgh's 100th birthday in June, though he died just months before his centenary. Interviews were filmed both before and after Prince Philip's death, with Harry's segments filmed in the U.S., where he relocated last year with wife Meghan Markle.

The documentary will be released on BBC One in the UK on Thursday night NZT.