Pink pens heartfelt words to Willow & Jameson on National Son and Daughters Day

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Pink is well known around the world for being a supermum. The singer is a hardworking, tell-it-like-it-is kinda woman who always puts her kids first and the words she shared to each of them on National Daughters Day and National Sons Day have resonated with fellow parents everywhere.

To her daughter Willow she wrote: "#nationaldaughtersday my wish for you is to be filled with passion and purpose, humor and curiosity. And one day, far from now, when I’ve moved on, I wish for you to know in your center that you were the love of my life." She also included a gorgeous gallery of images featuring Willow.

To her son Jameson she wrote: "I wasn’t sure if I would be able to love another human the way I loved my first born. Everyone said “wait until you have a son.” And I thought to myself, “but I already have that relationship with my girl.” And then you came along. Boy wonder. You gave me a bigger heart, and now I watch it go walking outside of me. You are joy personified. You are my greatest teacher, you remind me to be grateful, to laugh, to wake up and stretch and seize the day. I thank God for you daily. #nationalsonsday #getthebailready"