Guy who looks like Ed Sheeran says he has to leave his house in disguise to avoid Ed's fans

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A UK man who looks almost identical to Ed Sheeran has revealed to local papers that he is forced to leave the house in disguise to avoid Ed Sheeran fans.

The man, named Ty, says he has endured tens of encounters with Ed groupies - from fans crying and shaking when they see him, to cyclists cycling past and not breaking eye contact with him.

Ty will often leave the house in hats, hoodies, face masks and sunglasses to hide his ginger hair and facial features in order to prevent any Ed fans noticing him. He also does all his grocery shopping at night, just before closing time.

But now has now made a living off of his looks, becoming a full time Ed Sheeran lookalike.

And we bet he makes a bit of coin off of it! He looks identical!