Gemma & Richie McCaw share funny video updating everyone on their knitting progress

Must See

Just last week Gemma & Richie McCaw shared that they were learning to knit for a good cause. Queen Mary Maternity Ward at Dunedin Hospital & Christchurch Women’s Hospital were in desperate need of tiny woolen clothes to dress newborns, so Gemma & Rich decided to give knitting a go, while also encouraging others to bust out the needles and donate wool clothing items.

One week later, Gemma has shared on her social media that her and Richie have enlisted the help of her mum and aunty to give them lessons - and it looks like the McCaws are making good progress!

In the video update that Gemma posted on her Facebook and Instagram, the McCaws can be seen on a couch giving their knitting a go.

The concentration on their faces is out of this world!

On Gemma's stories she revealed that her Aunty Coralie was brought in to further help with the lessons.

Tino pai Gem & Rich! You guys are awesome!