Ed Sheeran releases music video for new song 'Shivers'

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Ed Sheeran, our favourite ginger-haired singer, has released his new song 'Shivers' in the lead up to his upcoming fourth solo album '='. 

Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to explain this new song to fans. "I wrote this as soon as the Divide tour ended in a rented farm in Suffolk where we had set up a studio for a couple of weeks to see what happened. It was written over the course of 3 days which is very different for me, but I felt it was too special to get wrong. It was originally meant to be the first single but I just didn't see a world where Bad Habits existed if it didn't come out in the summer. Shivers always felt more autumnal. I hope you like it, I bloody love it. The video is wild, but you'll see that next week." 

Ed's new album '=' is to be released in late October this year.