ABBA's Benny Andersson shares video playing 'Chiquitita' on the piano

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Since ABBA's reappearance on the music scene after announcing a new album, a new one-of-a-kind concert experience and releasing two new singles, the band have also been making an effort to dip into the world of social media.

In particular, the band is loving the video sharing app TikTok and have shared tens of fun videos to the app.

A popular song on the app is ABBA's 1979 hit 'Chiquitita' from their album Voulez-Vous.

So, Benny Andersson decided to take a seat behind the keys of his piano and perform the song in a short video.

It quickly went viral, amassing over 4.5 million 'likes' and almost double that in views.

Watch it below!