Woman shares trick to making 2 roast chooks stretch across 19 family-friendly meals


Sorting meals for the family for an entire week can be a bit of a hassle, but this Aussie mum has shown us how to do it!

Using two roast chooks, she managed to prep 19 meals! She shared her tip on the 'Mums Who Cook & Bake' Facebook page.

"Gotta love how far you can stretch 2 roast chickens." she began by saying.

"So Woolworths had them on special last week cost me $14. So for family of 4 we had roast chicken and vegetables on Sunday night plus leftovers for 3 lunches."

"We made 5 chicken bbq pizzas in the airfryer and chicken fried rice for tea tonight which will be served with steamed pork dumplings. I also got 7 servings out of the fried rice."

"So in total we got 19 servings out of 2 roast chickens. Chicken is 1 thing I could eat for every meal as you can do so many different recipes!"

Goes to show how getting creative in the kitchen and thinking smart can save you a heck of time!