Trailer for 'Packed To The Rafters' reboot is a real tear-jerker

Must See

Seven years after we bid farewell to the Rafter family, the loveable Aussie's are about to back on our TV screens.

In a recently released trailer for the Packed To The Rafters reboot, titled Back To The Rafters, we see that the show picks up several years later in the lives of the Rafter family, as Dave and Julie adjust to a new life in the country with their youngest child Ruby).

Julie struggles with being absent from the rest of her children, while Dave is embracing the country lifestyle - including a new-found passion for motocross. But a trip back to Sydney to celebrate Dave and Julie's 35th wedding anniversary sees history repeat itself and the family ends up together once again in Ben's two-bedroom home.

But as the Rafter children have now become adults, they face new problems. Ben and Cassie are trying to start a family together, Nathan tries to navigate life as a single dad to Edward and Rachel lives a secret life in New York. Meanwhile, Granddad Ted struggles with the onset of dementia.

Dave and Julie's happiness is threatened when the family reunion reveals the crises below the surface. But whether they are packed under the same roof or far apart, love and laughter still bind them together.

The show looks like it is going to be nothing short of amazing, and full of laughs and tears along the way.

Back To The Rafters will be out on Amazon Prime Video from September 17.