Tip Top announces that they're ditching plastic bread tags


What a great intiative from Tip Top! The well known bakery is making the move from plastic bread tags to 100% recyclable cardboard ones.

The new tags are part of Tip Top's aim to be 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025, and have been rolled out across Australia with the plan to eventually also be rolled out in New Zealand. 

The new eco-friendly bread tags have been designed to 'lock in long lasting freshness and taste' while still providing the same great fresh bread.

The new cardboard bread tags will still keep your bread fresh, and are fine to be stored in the freezer.

Tip Top just reccommends that when it comes to recycling the bread tags, tuck the tag inside other paper or cardboard products, to give them the best chance of being upcycled into a new product.

Thousands of shoppers have praised Tip Top for ditching the plastic tags after it was first introduced out in South Australia in November last year.

'Yes this is great. We should see more of this over the coming years hopefully. Great for the environment,' one customer wrote.

Another shopper shared her fondest childhood memories of Tip Top - as she applauded the brand for introducing recyclable tags. 

'Tip Top has been a part of my life since I was a little girl over 30 years now back when the truck used to come past the house and my mum would buy bread and my absolute favourite Tip Top iced finger buns,' she said.