Hilary Barry has hilarious response to troll hating on her lockdown recipes

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Hilary Barry is the absolute queen of putting internet trolls back in their place and her most recent response to a 'hater' is one of her best yet.

Writing on Twitter, Hilary revealed that a Facebook user had told her to do sugar-free recipes only for her Formal Friday's during lockdown. 

"Someone on Facebook suggested I do a sugar free recipe next #formalfriday . So you want to suck the joy out of every last freedom of lockdown? Yeah, nah. #buggeroff

While many praised Hilary and encouraged her to keep up with recipes for delicious sweet treats, one Twitter user took it upon themselves to try and dull Hilary's shine by eluding to the fact she is encouraging sugar intake.

"You have government pushing for wanting to lower the sugar intake of people, yet here you are turning it into something like la di da gunner Greene. Sugar will kill you just as covid" the Twitter user said.

Hilary replied with a simple, "When?"

To which the Twitter user responded saying, "It's been happening for years."

Hilary replied again saying, "No, when did I ask?"

The hilarious exchange has gone viral, with everyone praising Hilary with her response.