Dentist reveals why you should brush your teeth before breakfast – not right after

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Lockdown has ruined most of our routines but there's one we may all be unconsciously holding onto,  brushing our teeth. However, dentists have come and said we may all be doing it wrong.

Dental professional Anna Peterson, from Essex, warned her followers on TikTok that we should be brushing our teeth before breakfast, not after.

Anna explains that "When you eat breakfast your mouth becomes acidic. So when you brush your teeth after breakfast it's brushing the acid into the tooth and this is wearing away the enamel.’

The comment section of the video blew up as viewers were shocked by this revelation.

‘Why does nobody tell you this?’ asked one.

‘Never got told anything about personal care when I was in school!’ exclaimed another.

Anna carried onto to explain that brushing your theeth before breakfast protects your teeth from anything you’re going to eat.