Aucklander doesn't know what a possum is in hilarious viral post

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Possum's are one of the most common pests here in New Zealand, and can be found living across majority of the country. And while many Kiwis can correctly identify a possum when they see one, one Auckland woman was clearly very confused when she took to Facebook to ask what kind of animal was perched on her fence.

Writing on her local community Facebook page the woman posted a picture of the possum and said: "I just saw a cat-like animal. It comes up with a size of cat, but with a piggy nose and a monkey body. Anyone can point out name of this animal?"

The comments left underneath her post were nothing short of hilarious.

The Possum // Source: Facebook

"The infamous Monkey Cat of East Auckland I believe," one person said.

"It's a Drop Cat," another said. "A close cousin of Aussie's Drop Bears."

"It's a fence pig," a third wrote.

Others suggested it was an armadillo that had shed its armour or "striped hyena" and suggested it could be caught using fresh chicken meat as bait.

Eventually some fellow East Aucklanders gave her the right answer and told her that it was in fact a possum.