ABBA fans sent into a frenzy after new photo teases their upcoming project

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It seems like ABBA have been teasing that 'something is in the works' for a long time now. But due to the global pandemic, multiple projects including their hologram tour and new album of unreleased music have been delayed again and again.

But following a recent Facebook post, ABBA fans have seen light at the end of the tunnel and believe a new ABBA project will be revealed very soon.

A Facebook post by Lex on the ABBATalk page read: 'The posting by Lex Corbach reads, Oh my… A good friend of mine spend some time in Stockholm and visited the area where Mono Music is situated this morning. He just send me this photo.'

He continued, 'Could it be that the new music is being released on August 20? That would be exactly 39 years after ABBA’s very last recording started…'

We're certainly excited!