Tea-lovers are calling this the 'worst cup of tea' in the world


Winter is the perfect time for a nice warm cup of tea... Unless you are this person!

A woman has gone viral after dobbing in her boyfriend on Reddit for making this horrific cup of tea.

"Mourn the teabag that died for this brew my boyfriend made me." she wrote alongside a photo of the cuppa.

The response to her post was huge, with many calling it the worst cup of tea in the world.

"And that's what's wrong with this country theeesseee days, zero pride in workmanship!" one person joked.

"Did he make it from the cold tap? Did he reuse an old tea bag from the bin? I literally don't understand how it's possible to make tea that weak." added a second.

But someone else had a theory as to why the tea looked so bad...

"Make it s**t enough and he won't need to do it again," they said.

Take this as a great example of what NOT to do!