New Zealanders have put on 2,800,000 kgs collectively over the past year


As a nation, us Kiwis have packed on an estimated 2.8 million kilos in the past year.

This from a study conducted by ExerciseNZ.

On average, those who put on weight put on an average of 5.4kgs across the year. The main cause is being put down to stress caused by Covid-19.

The same study also found that those working in essential services actually lost weight!

“Both police and nurse roles had major work changes due to covid and stress can lead to both weight gain or weight loss, depending on the individual.” ExerciseNZ said.

“The good news is that in terms of some activity levels, such as those taking part in exercise have returned to pre covid levels.”

Most Kiwis who had regular exercise routines pre-covid are now back to their regular regime.

"While this is good, we need to look at ways where we can bring the benefits of exercise to the 80 percent of the population who don’t presently take part in any structured physical activity.”

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