Kiwis on a mission to get a Kiwi emoji, create great workaround for the meantime


In the wake of the recent World Emoji Day, New Zealanders at 100% Pure New Zealand came to the realisation that while America has their bald eagle emoji, England has a lion emoji and Scotland has their unicorn emoji, little old New Zealand is still waiting for our loved Kiwi to get on the emoji keyboard.

Taking to social media, the 100% Pure New Zealand team revealed that they have twice applied for the Kiwi to be added to the emoji library, but twice they haven't heard back.

Being inventive, they came up with a great workaround in the meantime while we await news of a Kiwi emoji. It's called the Key-Wi and is made using the 'key' emoji and the 'brown circle' emoji.

Thousands of fellow Kiwis flooded the comment section of the announcement with their 'Key-Wi's' and it made an awesome effect!

Hopefully a real Kiwi emoji can be added soon.