Ghostbuster's fan builds his own replica of the Ecto-1

Must See 01/07/2021

A 57-year-old British man has bought a rare 1960 Cadillac Miller-Meteor and turned it into a real-life Ecto-1 - the famous vehicle from the Ghostbusters films.

It's taken the man two years and about £50,000 to renovate the rare vehicle, but he has revealed that it's started paying it's way when it's hired out for weddings, parties and events.

But more recently, the man has found that his special custom car - which is fully fit with costumes, music and lights, also makes a great hearse.

Paul, the car's owner, said: "We had someone ring up about a funeral and I was quite surprised. By pure chance, we had made the seats in the rear of the car capable of folding down meaning we had a platform for the coffin to lay on.

"We were sceptical about doing it at first because we didn't know if it would be appropriate but a lot of people would rather have a celebration of life rather than a traditional funeral with a black car.

"A lot of the time, the person who's funeral it is was a fan of ghostbusters and their family want them to have something they would have loved."

Paul continued: "We had actually been booked to attend a couple's wedding but he passed away before the wedding could take place so we took him to the funeral instead.

"After doing the first one, it just led on to more and it seems more and more people are stepping away from the traditional funeral. We wear our Ghostbusters costumes, play the music and transport the coffin to and from the service".