What to expect in Season 2 of Netflix's 'Sweet Tooth'

Must See 10/06/2021

If you've become hooked on Netflix's latest series, Sweet Tooth, then know that you are not alone. 

Millions of viewers around the world have tuned into the post-apocalyptic fantasy that was filmed here in New Zealand, and it seems everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering what lies ahead for Sweet Tooth's colourful cast of characters.

The show follows Gus, a 10-year-old hybrid—born half-human, half-deer - who lives a quiet life in the woods of Yellowstone with his father, Pubba. While the world hates those of his kind, and is dealing with the aftermath of a global pandemic, he ventures out on his own to search for his mum, and of course, runs into many creatures - both villains and allies - while on his journey.

With the story only really just beginning, everyone is hanging out for a second season of the show. Unfortunately, Netflix is yet to officially confirm whether or not it will have a second installment.

Although, fans hopes are very high after the show became one of the most viewed on the streaming giant, and has since been given a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

With it not being officially renewed, one site has put in the guess work of when we can expect season two if it does get the green light, and that is looking like it will be here mid to late of 2022.

A site has also put in guess work as to what we can expect the season two plot of Sweet Tooth to be like - WARNING! Spoilers ahead.

As those who have watched the series will know, the first season ends with Gus and several other hybrids trapped in a compound, meant to be a safe haven, where they'll be experimented on in an attempt to discover a cure for "the sick", or H5G9, as show creators called it. Meanwhile, Jepperd and Aimee are working to find a way to save the hybrid kids from the compound.

If that's where the series picks up again, we'll likely see Jepperd and Aimee's attempts to save Gus and the rest of the hybrid kids, as the he deals with the aftermath of learning about his true origins as the first hybrid.

Hopefully Netflix can give us the official details soon!