People are obsessed with this new Netflix show that was filmed here in NZ

Must See 09/06/2021

Netflix's newest show has firm Kiwi roots... with the whole thing being filmed here in New Zealand!

The show, titled Sweet Tooth, is an unusual post-apocalyptic fantasy that is set in the United States, despite it being filmed here in Aotearoa. In the show, a pandemic is sweeping the nation and babies are being born with animal features that society is ill-prepared to deal with, despite their cuteness. 

While the show may seem a little off to some people on paper, the first episode has seen millions of people around the world hooked on the show - and binging the whole first season in a matter of days!

Speaking to, executive producer Susan Downey said, "We looked into New Zealand and after shooting that first episode, it’s like, there was just no other place that we wanted to be."

"Everything seems a little brighter and bigger than real life. And so it made for the perfect setting for this adventure and the crew. It was amazing. I mean, everybody fell in love with it."

They were originally just going to film the pilot episode here, but fell in love with our country and committed to filming the rest of the series here. It was a smart decision as not too long later, the pandemic hit and NZ had ended up being one of the safest countries in the world in terms of Covid-19.

Sweet Tooth filmed in a variety of locations around New Zealand, mostly around the South Island and Auckland, with the latter including the ‘Animal Army’ headquarters, filmed at an actual amusement park called Rainbow’s End.

“We shot it in New Zealand, we shot it kind of all around the South Island and Auckland,” Downey said. “And it was an incredible place to shoot. I mean, you know, look, that place in and of itself feels like a fairy tale.”