Hermès unveils new designer handbags made out of vegetables

Eco 18/06/2021

Sustainable fashion is finally starting to take over the fashion world. More and more big designer brands are realising that consumers want fashion that is not only sustainable, but also ethically made.

Luxury bag brand Hermès has gone all out on the idea of sustainable, ethically-made and eye-catching bags... they're making them out of vegetables!

Taking to Instagram, the French manufacturer shared with its 10.7 million followers pictures of the new bags designed by Ben Denzer, a certified visual artist and designer.

Some of the bags were made from asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, bananas and apples.

Hermès is known for its expensive bags, and we wouldn’t be shocked if people spent so much money buying vegetable bags. What we’re not sure of is whether they’re meant for eating because we doubt they are capable of holding any luggage.