Ed Sheeran reveals his daughter Lyra cries when he tries to sing to her

music news 01/06/2021

Ed Sheeran likes to keep his family life pretty quiet and away from social media, but he has recently revealed that his daughter Lyra is a tough crowd.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1 over the weekend, Ed revealed that Lyra tends to cry whenever he sings.

"I definitely spent hours and hours in front of the mirror pretending to be essentially what I am now. Practice makes perfect," recalls Sheeran, adding, "Now I'll sing [my new songs] to my daughter, who's not my biggest fan. She just cries!"

"No, I've got some she likes," he adds. "She really likes 'Shape of You.' The marimba sound is good, but she doesn't like anything loud or anything belt-y."

So funny!