Air New Zealand's new in-flight snacks proving to be a hit with domestic flyers

Must See 11/06/2021

If you've ever flown domestically throughout New Zealand on Air New Zealand, then you will know the joy of the flight hostess pushing the trolley down toward your seat and asking, "Cookie or Corn Chips?"

While the Cookie Time cookies is generally the go-to, Air New Zealand has decided to mix up it's offerings for the in-flight service.

Air New Zealand’s general manager customer Leanne Langridge has revealed in a LinkedIn post that the airline will be trialling changes to its food and beverage service throughout the month of June – including “some alternative snacks”.

The snacks are:

  • Mandarins
  • Popcorn
  • Potato chips
  • Kapiti Ice Cream

The new in-flight snacks were unveiled during a special flight on Thursday afternoon.

Writing on LinkedIn, Leanne Langridge said that the new snacks are just a trial at the moment and that they're making sure they are testing the snacks properly by being guided by three basic principles.

"The first is to try – we’re trying a new way of working by creating a team of people from around the business." she said.

"Number two is to test. We’re testing things that could make the Air New Zealand experience for our people, our customers and our operations better. And three? To explore. Exploring what it could be like if we worked like this more often. It’s fitting as we start to build back our airline."

"This customer testing is one small example of making sure our revive phase is not just about returning to what we have always done. We want to be better." she continued.

She stressed that if you're lucky enough to fly onboard Air NZ and get to trial some of the yummy new snacks, don't be afraid to give feedback.

"We'll be using the age old thumbs up, thumbs down approach on board." she said.