31 ways to reduce plastic use during Plastic Free July


Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. It helps encourage us to move toward cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

There are plenty of ways to be involved with Plastic Free July, and every little bit helps. Whether you manage to go 100% plastic free, or manage to substitute just a little bit of plastic in your life - your efforts will be worth it!

We have popped together a handy list of 31 ways you can reduce your plastic use during Plastic Free July. One for each day!

31 ways to reduce plastic use during Plastic Free July

  1. Get your coffee in reusable cup
  2. Use a bamboo toothbrush
  3. Take your lunch with you in reuseable container
  4. Drink out of a reuseable drink bottle
  5. Switch to bar soap rather than liquid
  6. Visit a bulk food store
  7. Go 100% plastic free with your produce
  8. Try reusable food wrap
  9. Wear something that uses only natural fibres
  10. Choose a pencil over a pen
  11. Take your own bread bag to a bakery
  12. Make your own newspaper bin liners
  13. Choose a takeaway that doesn't come in plastic containers
  14. Use a cloth rather than a disposable paper towel
  15. Use a handkerchief rather than tissues
  16. Upcycle something you don't use into an art project
  17. Compost your food waste
  18. Buy your milk in a carton
  19. Rug up warm in a woolen blanket
  20. Knit or crochet something
  21. Compost pet waste
  22. Replace disposable razor with a steel razor
  23. Take a walk down your road or street and pick up a few bits of litter
  24. Grab cardboard packaged items from the freezer section rather than fruit and vege in the plastic bags
  25. Switch to a shampoo/conditoner bar
  26. Wrap any presents in brown paper, old newspaper or reuse old wrapping paper/gift bags
  27. Take your own fruit and vege bag to the supermarket to get your produce
  28. Go digital with your music! Instead of CDs or DVDs, stream or download your music
  29. Carry reuseable utensils in your handbag or backpack
  30. Use a metal straw
  31. Use matches instead of a lighter

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