Your dogs can have their own set of Crocs

Must See 28/05/2021

Crocs for your canine? They exist!

While these crocs aren't really fit for walking or running, your pupper's little foot pads will at least look the part in Geharty Dog Crocs.

A pair retails on Amazon for $21 dollars (without shipping), or $30 for two, these little model crocs only come in one size appropriate for smaller canines, and are only appropriate for dogs who are patient enough to wear shoes.

"My human purchased these for me," one reviewer shared on Amazon. "She may have been drunk or stoned at the time, I don’t really know, but in what world are these flattering for anyone, much less an animal. I chewed them to bits and ordered myself a tiny pair of Manolo Blahniks."

However, some humans have been pleased with the results!

Guess it's all up to your fashionable fur babies to decide!