Snorkeler finds man's lost wedding ring around body of fish

Must See 14/05/2021

An Aussie snorkeler was cruising around the reef near Norfolk Island when she spotted a mullet fish with a shiny band around it trying to keep up with it's mates.

When the snorkeler spied the fish, she said it was "gut-wrenching" as she had seen fish trapped in plastic rings before from pollution, but the weight of the wedding ring that was around the fish's middle was weighing it down and would require the fish to be captured and gently freed for the ring to be retrieved and the fish to be saved.

After the discovery, the snorkeler headed into shore to share her findings, and to see if she could get help to save the fish. That was when she was put in touch with a Gold Coast couple who had been holidaying in the Norfolk Islands when the husband lost his wedding ring.

It had been months since the couple had seen the gold band, but they were so happy it had been located.

At the time when the ring was lost, locals banded together to try and find the ring - even using metal detectors and glass-bottom boats to try and locate it.

Although now the ring has been found, they admitted they can't help but worry about the fish.

We hope for a happy ending for both the fish and the couple!